“The Best Burger We've Ever Had (and we've had a lot)”

We tracked down this place because my boyfriend is crazy for burgers and this place has a reputation for delivering some of the best. We were not disappointed. I had the famous 'skirt' burger and my boyfriend had the 'Memphis' burger. Both of the blew us away. Perfect side dishes, delicious chips, well cooked burger, good meat, great buns and soooo much cheese.
The staff were friendly and attentive. We want to move to Hong Kong so we can go back every week. Quite pricey for two backpackers like us but it was worth not eating for a week. We also went crazy and tried another burger restaurant called 'The Butchers Club' which was good but this is still number one for us.

Tania Vincent - Bridgend, United Kingdom


“Outstanding Hamburgers, Fries and Cole Slaw”

No kidding, The Diner offers one of the best - if not the best - hamburgers I have ever eaten. I'd highly recommend having a meal there if you eat meat. The front of the restaurant is open to the street, providing a bistro feel. The decor is retro 50s-60s USA. The help is proficient. The place also is kid-friendly....

Arjay - Hong Kong, China

“Great Burgers and cool place”

Just got back from having lunch with my work colleagues, this really is the authentic 1950's Rock and Roll diner, the strawberry milkshake was lovely, the skirt burger was both tasty and fun and the service was faultless. I will come back with my teenage kids who will love it!



“If you are hankering for good 'ol American food”

When traveling in Asia for work, I usually get to the point where I'm ready for a burger and fries. Though I love Chinese food, it can get a bit old after a while. If that sounds familiar, The Diner is the ticket for a brief culinary visit home. It is so good, I ate there for lunch and dinner -- on the same day. Though they have great burgers (try the skirt burger), the chicken sandwich is amazing as well. Fries are perfect, as is the milk shake.

Furniguru - Grand Rapids, Michigan


“Very Good American Food”

As an American I don't generally eat American when I travel, but we found ourselves dog-tired late at the end of a day not wanting to hike too far. This was right by the (excellent) Ovolo Central hotel where we were staying, so we checked it out. Very good burgers and other diner-type food with a nice atmosphere, good beer and reasonable prices.

Ken - Oak Park, Illinois


“Great food when you're away from home”

We had a great meal here. The bacon fries were amaaaazing. We also really enjoyed our burgers and the staff were great. Be warned - it is a long, steep walk to get here but the food is so worth it.

sneaky_nu123 - Brisbane, Australia


“Burgers and bourbons...can't go wrong”

My son insisted that we come here for his 11th birthday, although they take no reservations, by giving them plenty of warning they were able to seat us (a party of 7) within 6 minutes upon our arrival. Seeing as we've been here before, we knew what we wanted. Stellar service, infinite patience (especially with children) and eye for details (that glass over there is only a quarter filled with water, time for a top up) are what makes this place worth visiting. Now, top that off with succulent burgers, shatteringly crispy onion rings and almost "greaseless" fries, this is what a diner should should be. Last but not least, that awesome collection of Bourbon whiskey leaves no doubt in the mind, "you don't need to go to the States to get some"...Keep it up, people.

Antony D - Hong Kong


“Great food, great venue for kids party, low key, easy”

I just had a last minute birthday party for my daughter on a Sunday night at The Diner. The staff were great with the kids. Its a great burger joint, with great tasty salads for people who are trying to be good. The kids and the adults loved the food. There is plenty of space, easy to walk to, plenty of parking around and easy to get a taxi home. I would highly recommend The Diner for a casual dinner and a kids birthday party venue.

Alexandra J Green - Hong Kong


“A great addition to Hong Kong!”

The Diner has been open about a year and I have seen a steady growth in the number of customers (I work in the neighborhood) and I can certainly understand why it's increasingly popular.
The Diner is a very authentic retro rendition of a US Diner. The food is great - my only negative comment is that I think the portions are too large but I guess that in itself is "authentic" when it comes to American food. I also guess that most people wouldn't complain about large portions!
The burgers and salads are outstanding as is the brunch menu on weekends. Everything is very well-priced and an additional bonus is that they always play great music!
My only wish is that the counter was a little less cluttered, which would allow for more people to sit there... certainly more productive for the restaurant if one patron comes in alone and does not have to occupy a table set up for two or four people.
Do visit if you're anywhere nearby... it's completely different from any other place in Hong Kong and thoroughly enjoyable.

Christine H - Hong Kong


“Ideal for brunches and burgers”

In a cool setting, quite open to the street you'll find here a taste of America. Burgers, waffles, milk shakes and all sorts of brunch options from the veggie one to the heaviest full breakfast. Portions are generous and dishes taste good, ask for the rosemary fries and get a bottomless coffee. If focusing on your plate, I believe you'll be content. Family friendly. I recommend.

Leslie - Hamburg, Gernmany